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This is my story ...

I never want to victimize myself; but I pray my stories serves as a reminder of the countless individuals in need around the world. People/woman who just need someone to just step in ... I think one of the reasons I'm so passionate about giving woman all over the world a voice; and a opportunity to reach out for help , is because I have lived with that fear...

I wasn't always surrounded by fear; it started after marriage ,the screaming and shouting, the aggressiveness . I somehow overcame all that and broke free, but recently its like fear follows me all over fear of abuse ,fear of getting attack !!!

I was so dumbstruck with constantly being surrounded by fear...not knowing how that could end up . I knew that I had to do something, I had to get away , I had to overcome this fear and remain as strong and positive as any sane person. All the materialistic things were just not worth my life. Recently when these two thugs broke into my house, I didn't know what exactly they wanted from me, but I knew it wasn't good.All that went through mind was ( were they going to murder me , or rape me ) !!!

I put up my hands up I surrendered, I gave them everything they needed still wasn't enough. They used force "by that I mean violence"on me , the moment I tried to scream or run , (I just froze). Then one of the guys grabbed me pushed me and started beating me like I was in a boxing ring . All I could do was scream out for help , we have houses so close that I could hear my neighbors conversations...what was the saddest thing is they never reached out when I screamed. I was so helpless that I didn't even have a window of opportunity to run to safety !!!

Finally they left I just laid on the floor sobbing continously, panting for my breath.

I was trembling looking over my shoulder and around me to see if they were going to return. That's not the worst part of my story ,the worst part was nobody came to my rescue , my neighbors do you know how many came out to help ...not one ,not a single one of them. I don't know what was more terrifying, being attacked by these men or not getting any help. Luckily before all this could happen to me I was on the phone with my sister ,and all I did was tell her to call for the police !!!

Me laying on the floor helpless still trembling and sobbing, finally seeing a firmilar face enter my house sister .

I held on to her so tightly, trying not to think about the terrible ordeal I just experienced ,I will forever be grateful to my sister for running to my aid, so you know what ,don't be that person that shoves someone away ; be that person that leans over and opens up your doors or car window and let's that person in and leads them to safety . We need you , more importantly they need you !!!


Stay safe



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