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When the dangers coming at you need to make a choice; were do you focus ?

how do you proceed? Do we run; do we hide? or do we stand our ground . Once you commit to something there's no turning back. You gotta own your part ; show your cards ; be honest ; push yourself out of your comfort zone; follow through on your commitments; try something new; let go of the past; and dive into the future !!!

Everything seems perfectly fine in the light...the world is bright and happy and delicious. You don't know what's around every corner; you can't know what's coming next . The light may go out and leave you in the dark. We must learn to find our way in the dark ; we must make changes so that our world don't clash with the dark side of the world. ( doing what I can on my end to make sure that my world don't interfere with the dark in a way it's not healthy) !!!

It's gonna be a little tough before it gets better; don't let the dark daunt you ; stay

calm ,move forward ...there's always away.

So when you find your path through the darkness . When you step out into the light, take a breath let your eyes adjust and see what you see !!!

A flash over can happen in a matter of seconds...all you need is the perfect combination of "hope, focus and positivity".

The dramas come against you ,brushing towards you ,brushing over you; there's no time to out run it. Problems so extensive, so big that can rock your entire world .

And you wanna hear the scariest part

( most of us will never see it coming)!!!


Stay safe



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