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I don't trust easily...neither do I pour my heart out easily ; people who have their hearts broken feels like it's ripped into pieces;there's a moment right before a flash ever begins or everything goes quiet ...some people with broken hearts can swear it feels like time is standing still; like every sound every detail, every inch of you body is on high alert. Has someone recently told you they wanna spend the rest of their life with you ;that seems like a lot of pressure put on you;it should be special, someone wanting you ,with all your flaws and especially with a broken heart !!!

Your instincts can sense what your brain hasn't processed yet; you feel it in your bones ; that dread that knot that just won't go away ,so you run ,you get out of there ; you try to save yourself so you don't get hurt again ; maybe you'll survive maybe you won't . I think about lots of things ; about a whole brain full of things I shouldn't be thinking right now . Fountain of bad ideas , one good thing... I do is never to judge ,I just think everyone's doing the best they can !!!

We all need some quiet sometimes...the world can seem abit too loud sometimes;

have you ever experienced pain ,worry or loss, have you ever experienced trauma; have you ever experienced doubt; cos you have (everyone has). We all live through things that test us; it's how we each cope ;

how we process that says the most. Do we face our pain and own it; or are we more comfortable living in denial !!!

You don't see it coming minute everything is calm; the next you staring down your past. Life doesn't always play nice; it doesn't stop and pause and wait till you ready . When you find yourself staring at the past ; when you can't breath; can't walk ,you hurting so much you actually numb. Just remember life may not play nice but neither do you . All this still means we have annoying high drinks; trails and tribulations; make up and break ups before happily ever after...I don't know if I have the energy for all that !!!


Stay safe



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