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We feel at times we not ready...but believe me we are all ready (what we faced and survived this past year shows us that we are all miracles) so take your miracle of life and run with it wherever the winds pushes you. Some people are all alone and have no one to talk to or share their thoughts and daily activities,they are as lonely as it comes and its a sad thing being alone in this pandemic not able to go out or go for a walk ,living in paranoia of catching covid,some people have no friends no family and it gets even sadder for those people.Some people are just not good with other people they feel they not funny ,not out going, not that interesting (as I would say not everyone's cuppa tea) !!!!

Nobody likes being alone well not all the time ,sometimes being alone is good we get a chance to rethink and restart.We all need that one person to go too when you we feeling down and out ,that one person to talk to when we feeling unloved and abandoned.We get those people that fake being happy so that they forget there problems and the circumstances that surrounds them,they wear a mask to cover up being happy. We get those people that are just so damn frustrated and angry with everyone and everything for no valid reason.

But there's a reason behind everyone's behavior ,they either too lonely, too scared to be alone, too scared to be around people ,too screwed up,too stubborn, too selfish ,too heartless, but there is definitely a valid reason for such behavior. Living in denial is not healthy, its like a disease eating away at you from the inside killing all the good that lives within you.

Lets use this time to learn to grow and better ourselves ,Let's use this platform to share the love ,too uphold someone in need,to be a ear to someone, everybody's needs a somebody (let that somebody be you to anybody pick a random person and befriend them ) just having someone to talk too, or be there to listen, is the first step to brightening someone else's life...when I say befriend I don't mean stalker "mode friendship" I actually reached out to befriend someone and that person thought I was a stalker. OMG me a stalker right( big time joke) I'm far from stalking I'm a caring soul reaching out ...

See whats happening sexiusm, racists,covid,deaths , sub standard care,"What has just happened we should never wanna go back to that "

You not desperate for reaching out, you just putting it out there for people to see how much we have lost.We need people who thinks differently who's heart is for other's,we need to make the change,Take for example "attic radio" DARREN JAMES he put together a team that reflects our world,Darren took over and shaped things around and he sandblasted the bias right out.Darren has built a station that won't go back to normal coz normal sucks !!!

(ITS OK TO HAVE CARING PEOPLE AT YOUR DISPOSAL) ...people panic they not use to being cared for or loved by anyone !!!

When we get attention from others we ask ourselves is this normal, have you seen this before? How common is it...We've been conditioned to think if we aren't normal it's a bad thing, Maybe it's time to rethink what the rules of normal are, we try to figure out what's bothering us rememeber perfect is not an option,maybe it's time to rethink everything...


Stay safe



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