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Don't let her tough exterior fool you....she's got a soft heart and a kind spirit; touch her toes and she will smash your head; don't mess with a decisive woman...Yes she's a strong independent woman who does not tolerate disrespect and makes sure her voice is heard ....that doesn't mean she doesn't love the tender things in life that warms her heart . While she doesn't need to be saved ,fixed or completed ,she does want to be loved ,cherished and appreciated ...she just chooses to protect herself with ferocity !!!

Not to be mean, cold or tough ,but because she had to: to many wrong choices built her walls high and she keeps out all the ones that will never treat her the way she deserves. So behind that spunky ,sassy and spirited attitude is a gorgeous soul just longing to be loved in the most beautiful ways ,with a tender touch and patient mindset ...she'll let you in ...its not the love that she's afraid of ; it's the fear that everyone else is just like the last person who destroyed her !!!

Piece by piece her wall will come down and she'll reveal a little more of her depths as time trust builds . This fiery woman desires the most intimate things and gives all of herself to love and passion.

She will let you in and choose to give you a chance to love the hidden parts of her that the world never knows about...that deepest connection reveals her most wonderful qualities. While she may be a strong and independent woman ; she'll always welcome the simplest of affections from the one who earns her trust and heart.

One moment at a time's the little things that can help build the most beautiful future !!!


Stay safe



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