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I know we are scared to trust anyone again and I understand why...I truly do !

I realize that most people have been hurt so badly before and you just don't know if you can give yourself fully to anyone ever again... we don't have no expectations; but all we want is the time ,the love, loyalty, honesty and the commitment to give in your all. If anyone is worth any amount of time then it's worth taking the chance to do whatever it takes to earn someone's love and trust ,no matter how long that wait may be !!!

You meet this wonderful person with a beautiful soul ; who amazes you beyond belief...then later you realize that it was all a facade...a lie ; just a meaningless relationship with no actual commitment. That's the reason most walls are high and most hearts are always guarded just to afraid to get hurt again "you not only scared of having your heart broken timelessly; but you afraid of your mental state of mind, this unhealthy relationship is causing you to mistrust yourself " !!!

I don't blame you and I understand why you so protective over your heart and your sanity. I know exactly how you feel (as I myself had my fair share of broken-heart).I've been in a similar place and I was committed (hundred percent all in). I put in all of hopes; my dreams; my fears; my vulnerabilities, everything that made me "me". I realized that nobody is perfect and in time ,with patience ,communication and love you could build a perfect love there such a thing as a perfect love story( no there's not but there is this thing ...that if you put your best of yourself into making a beautiful love story then you are surely going to get a perfect love story in return) !!!

It's not easy ...but then nothing worth having ever is. If you can boldly say...I stand before you ,beholden and open "no hidden agenda" willing to be here for you and walk with you ,hand in hand ,as we take this step together day by day learning about each other, if you worth everything to me then I'm willing to build a future with you. Storms will definitely come and days will be hard ,best part of this is we don't have to face it alone anymore. So take things have plenty of time ...forever will be yours...dreams don't have expiration dates !!!


Stay safe



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