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There is a rare breed of people who go all in...they keep their word; they give in there all. They put themselves last for those they care about...these individuals rarely receive the same compassion and effort in return; yet continue to give freely . To all the givers ; forgivers and selfless people out there ...keep pushing forward ,don't let this cold world change who you live ,you learn and you upgrade !!!

Have you ever faked a smile and realized it's easier explaining why you're master yourself. It's time to take back what is yours ;you have a choice to decide what you give your mental and emotional energy to. There's certain situations that return to test your evolution ;you decide whether to tune in and allow it to live within you ;or you could just be an observer of the situation that test your patience !!!

You maybe be working on yourself and evolving past the dramas that once pulled you in. It's all about how much you have worked on yourself and how much it no longer effects you . When we learning to master our inner self we can see clearly what triggers us and those situations that are the ones that requires us to grow !!!

So be thankful when things come up because you know now how to work through it instead of overreacting and overthinking it. Mastering yourself is an everyday experience that helps you get better of being the best you. You'll realize you no longer have the energy to play along or react so easily !!!


Stay safe



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