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When you have the power to manage your mental and inner world which will reflect on how you handle everyday life... Be very patient with yourself, you evolving and you learning, things will get more clear for you. Don't allow anyone to "thrive off" of you feeling low or down about're going to feel, think and do what evolves you. You're going to make peace with your past ,the things that have already happened; and the things you can't change !!!

Starting today you going to take your power back by consciously deciding what you feed your energy . The scenarios you overthink and constantly replay aren't evolving you; stop the self-judgement and just forgive yourself. Decide now that you're going to better manage your energy.

Ask yourself if it's even worth giving your precious life force to something that happened in the past ? To someone who doesn't deserve it? To a situation you overgrew ? !!!

Remember your attention and your focus is your find yourself investing your time in what adds value to your life .

Your focus becomes about living a more enriched life because anything else is draining your precious life force !!!



Stay safe


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