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When I say I'm blessed...I don't mean money or material things; I mean situations that was sent to destroy me or make me lose my mind but didn't even touch my soul. Call me ridiculous, but I need a break from all the "stuff." Phone continously going off; people telling me what I need to do,where I need to be or why I need to be this or that. Screens flooding me with all the things that bring me down; weighing heavily on me and distracting me from my life. I don't need another too do list, agenda or schedule. I tried too many days of my life trying to be everything for everyone; so if you'll excuse me for a bit , "I NEED SOME ME TIME "!!!

You know when I escape to out of the places for no reason at all (out of social media and other platforms)...some will call that ridiculous or a waste of time...but that's okay cos nobody gets me. This is my time is destress, clear my mind and find myself ...they not me and they don't have to live my life. So I'm not obligated to justify why I choose to step back for a little bit or maybe longer...i find myself a place where I can be free to do whatever comes to mind and makes me feel alive and free .

No more being held captive by media; screens and phones...I wanna fall inlove with being alive everyday !!!

For to long I've been overlooking past the beauty of the moments all around me changing my mindset to start being present; living in the present. Yes, I know it won't solve anything nor will it make the world a better place ...but it's okay to focus on me sometimes. I need time away from this messed up noisy world...from the corrupted negativity that swallows my mind. I wanna be free and alive to fill my soul and re energize my spirit !!!

Being tired ; restless and weary doesn't contribute anything to my quality of life...I going to change that. Baby steps ; making little changes...finding ways to be happy ,listening to more music and focusing on more positive things. The way I see is too short to spend all my time doing things I don't want to do with people I don't like in many ways I don't enjoy . So I think it's time to stop most of that ...anyone care to join me ?... the world is a wide space big enough of all of us. After all, don't we all deserve happiness?...yes we do ...let's go make some memories one moment at a time !!!



Stay safe



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