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There's only two ways to live your is though nothing is a miracle; the other is like everything is a miracle ; I choose to believe in the latter and for good is always teaching me there's always more to things than meet the eyes. If you can zoom out a little, we'll realize that life is happening for us not to us. And if we just allow it to ,the ride can be beautiful; awesome and fantastic; but it's not gonna be doesn't always seem like rainbows and butterflies; sometimes it's hard to zoom out in moments like this ,it's even harder to believe that this is life happening to you or for any of us !!!

Certainly didn't feel there could be anything good about the current situations...hang on I'm getting ahead of myself; who would believe that our lives come together none of us could imagine. We are fighters ,we take everyday as it comes as borrowed time...this is like one of those zoom out moments happens for us; everybody's entitled to their own life...just remember when things don't work out there's always a reason ,you just might not see it in the moment...there's always something better out is happening for you not to you !!!

You have to trust that there's a bigger reason things are happening the way there were...small step in the right direction. Sometimes we feel so trapped in life like a caterpillar trapped in a cocoon; it's really really dark inside, scratching the cocoon trying to get out but you can't get out; it's like you stuck and couldn't move your body . That feeling of being soo scared then you realize that you more than you ever thought you were; like you this beautiful butterfly and you could fly !!!

Turns out life has something else instore for us...we hope for a perfect spouse, perfect family and much more. We all are fighting our own battles in so many different ways . Dont wait till its too late make sure you give more hugs and tell loads of jokes . Do your best to make others smile ; life doesn't happen the way any of us expect it to be " beautiful; awesome and fantastic "!!!


Stay safe


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