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When you feel like giving up... Remember you can , we want out at times we want an escape ,talking about it and doing it are very different things historically speaking that is like a magnetic pull,at times you feel you trapped, we've havent had the best experiences in life,but we remain sweet ,kind,noble ,good and incredible brave ...

One day you will tell your story ,how you were experiencing a time of great difficulties and devastation, But its was also a time of great resilience and change ,we will be able to speak and tell of our joys just when we needed it the most ,Im no super hero !!!! All I wanted was happiness ,I don't know what happen to me ... I faced more death ,more violence ,more wars than I thought it would be ,we want more and then we freeze we run.

This pandemic isn't only effecting people who get sick and die,being in isolation is making all of us less ourselves, you not alone we all in this together ,chaos, injustice and pain ,the world is only this way because we let it be or because people made it that way,there's joy in becoming worthy of being spared so enjoy it and embrace it,be a good samaritan spend whatever you got left making this (lousy,terrible, stinking )place better...

"Let it been Seen how ignorant people think" This world is perishing let us be the light in the darkness.

Traditions have never been my thing, but at there best they help us remember who we are ,where we from and those who came before us ,they give us something to pass on to future generations, coz if you don't know where you from its kinda hard to know where you going, unless of course where you going is home....


Stay safe


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Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
09 jun 2021

Me gusta
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