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Every scratch,bump and bruise remind me of where I've been and of the bridges I burned so that I would never go back to those places; I should have never been...I've survived some pretty bad stuff in my life; things I'd never thought I would make it through . I scrapped; I clawed and I fought my way past all the flames of failure to reach deep and discover the strength I didn't know I had. When I was on my knees facing the abyss...that's when I learned who I truly was and what I'm capable of. I was never defined by my mistakes I made ; but by how strongly I arose after falling !!!

It's easy to love yourself when everything is going right and doors are opening all around's quite a different experience you're at your lowest. I learned who was there for me and most of all, that there is beauty in the scars of my story. I learned not only to love the parts of me that once frustrated me ; but I learned to celebrate my imperfections; for they describe my broken beauty in a way that my words never could. So, as I step out into today ; you'll see a smile on my face and a spring in my step !!!

I've come along way in life and I'm proud of the person I'm becoming hasn't been easy; it hasn't been painless and it's been slow ...But I learned from every mistake and grown from every experience. "THIS IS MY STORY"'s a tale of disaster and failure ; mistakes and falling...but it's also a story of rising from the ashes ; getting stronger and learning to love ever scar of my broken beauty. After all, its through the cracks that the light gets in...and now I'm on fire for being alive. Beautifully broken and wonderfully imperfect ...just the way I was meant to be !!!


Stay safe



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