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She fell...she got distracted ,lost a way couple of times, made loads of unnecessary mistakes ,hurt some people...forgot who she was, then she got up ,found her spark rose again...made amends with those she hurt; made peace with her mistakes and slowly began to reclaim the woman that she once was. She vowed never to forget the pain she suffered and the lessons she learned when everything came crashing down on her...this time when she rose from the ashes of her broken life ,she finally found her wings that she had longed searched for !!!

Without pause she reached new heights made new goals and started breathing life into her dreams...she's the first to tell you that she made her fair share of mistakes, bad decisions and wrong turns...she owns all the poor choices and embraces all her flaws. After all she's not perfect and she knows being perfect is not real; but real is something she always wants to be !!!

She's not the person that candy coats lies while hiding the truth ...what you see in her is what you get...she chooses to hold herself to a higher standard and be the authentic and genuine soul that always told it like it is ; even when people didn't wanna hear it...well she never cares about winning favour or gaining the approval of others !!!

She's able to look at herself in the mirror and know that she was being the best version of herself that she knew how to be. When life brought her to her knees and pushed her in the wrong direction; she didn't stay down or give up. She dug herself out of the ashes of life's fires; rose like a zealous passion that could not be many she's just an ordinary woman...but to her she's the warrior queen that never gives up or gives in !!!


Stay safe



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