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Yes i have regrets; I made some bad choices and then I had to live with the consequences...I looked in the mirror took a deep breath; life has gone from hard to impossible I felt like I was suffocating. Everywhere I turned...I felt like there were more problems and obstacles to overcome "unreal right". I just stepped back ,gathered myself and dug deep from the strength that was buried deep inside . This wasn't the first time that life had knocked me down and probably won't be the last . I learned that my survival techniques that gave me what I needed during the hard times !!!

Often it was a quick cry in the shower...withdrawal symptoms (isolation mode) or just taking the day to gather myself,my thoughts and my strength. Whatever way I chose, I always found a way to rise up from the ashes and be reborn each time. No excuses or complaints...just me doing whatever I had to do to keep going ; keep fighting, keep rising. I know there's no answers that everyday won't be perfect ; but I'll bathe in the beauty of the good days and buckle up for the storms that come my way !!!

Who knows? I may dance in the rain...that's the beautiful thing about life ,if it knocks you down have the option to let it sink you or you can take every opportunity to rise and enjoy the very next day ,it's all about what you make of this thing called life . It's unpredictable, it's uncertain but there's so much joy and happiness waiting to be found !!!

So that's the promise I make to the person I see in the mirror every morning going to keep going on no matter how difficult, painful and unbearable the day starts. I'm gonna do the best I can with what I've been given and make the most of the tough times. Life won't be perfect ,probably rarely easy ,but it will always be my life ,my choices, that's what matters to me . No matter what comes my way ,I choose to celebrate the victories ; fight through the challenges with a smile on my face ...definitely dance in the rain sometimes !!!


Stay safe



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