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It's okay not to be okay...had a couple of major obstacles and some tough days lately. I said to myself it's okay "it happens to everyone"; it use to worry me trying to stay strong ,being tough and not breaking down. It's impossible always trying to be the unbreakable one; so I stopped...I stopped trying to be something I wasn't, I stopped fighting to hold it together. Most of all, I stopped caring what everyone else thought...I don't owe anyone an explanation for the person I am or the choices I make...this is my life ,my journey !!!

I know now it's okay not to be okay...its okay to cry when the stress gets's okay to not know how I'm going to make it through the day . It's definitely okay to be my messed up self ;imperfectly human with lots of cracks that doesn't always hold it together ...I'm going to have bad days that makes me cry; there's going to be days that things will make me sad. People are going to dissapointed me, hurt me and try to make me feel bad. I stopped letting it all get under my skin as much anymore; to be honest, things still bothers and hurts me sometimes ,it's not as bad as it use to be !!!

I'm not a robot feelings gets the best of me now and then, that's okay too. At times I act rashly ,make bad decisions and do things that don't make sense because I'm upset...that's just part of being human. I'm never going to be perfect and I'm okay with that to ; I'm flawed ,I'm imperfect and I wear my feelings on my sleeves sometimes . That doesn't mean anything is wrong with me or that I can't handle my just means that I'm being true to myself and not watering myself for the world !!!

It's hard enough to just figure out who you are where you going without being I'm going to embrace every part of who I am and my raw jagged edges. That's what makes me unique and beautiful; maybe I won't come out of every situation sparkling ,but I'll find my way . Being real in a world full of pretense is a victory all by,everyday in every way ,I'm going to keep on being me...sometimes unshakable, sometimes not okay but all the time genuine, authentic and real. Let this life throw whatever it wants at me...i'm ready !!!



Stay safe


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