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It's okay to be scared...that means you're alive, in fact we all get alittle scared now and again. So stop telling yourself all the "cants" you made yourself believe;you are better off than that...never shrink yourself for the expectations of others or because you're afraid it's never enough for you. Things may seem impossible or implausible that's okay...what's not okay is you telling yourself that you're too old ,too tired,too beaten down or too weak. I know it's hard to believe in yourself when you've been downtrodden and been rock bottom for so long !!!

This is where you start your comeback...this is the chapter that changes your life. It's all up to you...before you say I'm naive; that I don't know how hard it is or that I don't know what it means to be tired "I do". I've been where you are and I made a choice to rise from the ashes of the old life that I'd burned down. So, it's your choice to rise up or stay down !!!

Whatever your dreams matter how big or how got this; learn to dance; start a new adventure. When you get to the point where you're scared and maybe it even hurts alittle...keep going. Your best days ; your loudest laughter and deepest love are still ahead of you . Stop saying what could go wrong and start believing what could go right; it's your life get one shot...make it a memorable one; in the end it's all up to you !!!


Stay safe



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