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I'll gladly share my journey with you...the wonders, the miracles and all the bad stuff in between...if you truly wanna know who I am...don't ask me where I've been or the things I've seen or done. No, I'm not defined by where I've been or the struggles that shaped me; my soul is deeper and older than just places and things . Instead,ask me about the music that got me through the times when nothing else could. The beautiful tapestry of lyrics and melodies that permeated my soul instilled hope in my spirit !!!

Those feelings and lyrics that inspired me to get up ,dust myself off and rise again are the core of everything I am. In fact ...even now I often find that music helps me find the words that escapes me from my current triumph; mood or obstacles. No matter how hard and how miserable my day has been or where life has lead me; it just seems that the right song transport me to a different place,one of happiness ,hope and courage !!!

Maybe it's only for a few minutes but in that precious few minutes; I feel like I can do anything ,be anything and conquer anything. Those times in my life when I was at my lowest ...I always had music lift me up ,to help me breathe again ,to know that everything was going to be okay. My world could feel like it was ending but there was always a song that could fill my soul with passion and help me through those struggles...yes there were lots of tears ,mostly sobbing and sometimes even a smile or two !!!

So if you want to uncover my secrets and learn my truth...don't start with the ordinary adventures that just tell you where I've been ; listen to the songs of my soul , and you'll forever understand me ; why music speaks to me and music always sets me free. So don't ask me how I survived ...ask me what song I played on repeat when I thought my world was over !!!


Stay safe


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