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It is difficult to erase a memory...some people can never be forgotten whilst some people are easily forgotten until someone takes there place "ironic". Places can change the owner but memories not...we all have scars , old and new wounds, day by day reminds us of the pain we endeavored, or the pain others caused to us,the impossible need to erase them, no matter how many times we promise that it will never again hurt us, one cannot forget about their scars, even though no one sees it, the only thing that can truly save us ,is that if we could transform !!!

It's called a guilty conscience, it paralyzes you and stops you from moving on, it torments may not want to see it but it is there inside of you; but how do you free yourself from guilt ,"by recognizing it and accepting it forms a part in ourselves", knowing that trying to hide it will come to nothing; it will still be there and it will leave a mark, making one become your own executioner and also the victim. If guilt wins it will decide for you ,taking decisions that will condemn those around you. They will condemn you for eternity ,so how do you free yourself from guilt? By taking it out of it's hiding place and banishing it,biding it farewell and carrying on!!!


Stay safe


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