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You can never heal by going back to what broke you...if you having trouble dealing with the past "you not alone" lots of people are, you going to have difficulty if you bringing your past it into your present. If we having trouble in the present (why don't we concentrate on the present and forget the past). The past can wait it's not going anywhere that's for sure. Sometimes you have to look at people for who they are and look at the world for what it is ,in everything you gotta take care of yourself first. When it comes to the heart don't allow yourself to settle for anything not good enough. No matter what happens in life...after we deal with the pain there's always hope !!!

If you care about don't walk away, revenge is a dish best served cold...what happen is meant to happen ,we don't have control about one's feelings and emotions ,there's a timing for everything in life . It dawned on me that everything has an expiration date...the trick is knowing when it is and to be prepared for it, cos it sneaks up on you and in the end you have to realize when something is over "it's over" even if you holding on's time to let go ,sad as it seems ,we cannot hold on to a failing relationship ,someone taking their last breath, something that is and was never meant to be. You can't hold on to hope even if that's the only thing giving you inner strength ...its time to let go !!!


Stay safe



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