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Sometimes we give love and attention to the wrong person...then we sit ,think and wonder,how could I have given love to that person? "Definitely didn't deserve it", what a waste of months and years . But the thing shouldn't think about it in that way; you should think about the fact that you were able to give love ,despite giving it to the wrong person"what a waste of time". But I've learned that if you are able to give love that means you have it inside of you. It's the same thing with kindness and honesty, it's your ability to care for people even the unlovable. Don't focus on the way that people abuse that, focus on the fact that you have it within you and that you are unlike many, it makes you who you are. It makes you a beautiful person and an exceptional human being !!!

Good people are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to's the most important day of your life when you realize your self-worth. The day you realize you are enough, not only for the world but for yourself. When you realize that the love you have for the strongest kind of love there is...this is why you give so much of your time ,put in so much effort to love and expect nothing in return . Know you are irreplaceable you're truly all starts with your self-sacrificial love, the one you share with anyone you come in contact with...not physical/intimate that goes above and beyond. It's the love you have within that attracts people to you ...only a person with a good heart and self-giving , possess this kind of infinite love !!!


Stay safe



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