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I see myself as a brave woman having endured things that were unendurable...and I keep telling myself "don't waste my miracle on the pain ,I deserve better ". I'm a strong woman ,this is my story...I'll always make sure that it's a story worth telling. I do my best to stay strong no matter how hard life gets sometimes,there are times when I get overwhelmed. Sometimes something small just pushes me over the edge or just the weight of it all crushing my spirits. No matter the reasons (who,why or how) the tears just come bursting out. Maybe a quick cry is want is needed to let it all out; I need a few minutes to clear my mind and let the tears wash my perspective clean again !!!

Whatever the reason is, I don't know...but I do know that most moments of emotional release keep me moving forward sometimes. I'm not weak and I'm able to overcome anything, so I'm never going to cry because I can't handle it...I can deal with anything life wants to throw at me. But at the end of a long day full of frustration and angst,a quick outburst seems to do the trick . It doesn't make me weak ,it makes me human. I'll take real, emotional passion over lackluster and dull any day. I use the tears ,the failures and the struggle to fuel the fire that keeps me burning brightly everyday. I won't say everyday is a win or that I always have it together ...but I'll never stop rising up out of the ashes of a bad day, broken hearted or emotional wreckage ...people cry not because they're weak , but because they've been strong for to long !!!


Stay safe



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