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I am strong...because I know my weaknesses

I am beautiful...because I'm aware of my flaws

I am fearless...because I learned to recognize my illusion from real

I am wise...because I learned from my mistakes

I can laugh...because I have known sadness

I am a lover...because I have felt so much hate and I prefer to love...tears have no weight but it carries heavy feelings . Behind every strong person there is a story that gave them no choice . To attract better ,you have to become better .You can't do the same things and expect change, transform your mindset ,upgrade you habits, think positive, be hopeful and consistent with your evolution. It all starts with you and how you feel about yourself !!!

Rise up and dust yourself off...don't let anyone or anything keep you from reaching your full potential. Do the impossible ,chase your dreams ,it's not about not being afraid "do it afraid" lean on your inner strength for encouragement. Each day is a new and fresh opportunity to do it right...write a blog,speak out, create stuff,advocate ,do something that inspires you. Go after anything that your heart and mind is saying, allow your inner strength to stretch you, if I've learned anything about myself ,its my self-driven determination and my strength to push harder that got me where I am today ,out of my comfort zone. Go after what you dream and desire...she rises and walk with her inner strength and she's no longer afraid. She knows as she walks ...that her inner strength makes her who she is and all she needs to be !!!


Stay safe



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