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If I'm letting you gentle with my heart , I'm trusting you with so much, most of all not to break anything ,I know I am worth that and much more. The question is ...DO YOU?. You say that you want a chance to get to know me,to step beyond the walls I've built to protect my heart. I promised myself that I would always be careful who I let in, so if I let you in promise not to betray my trust , don't take me for granted . Those things may sound insignificant to you ,but they're very important to me, because I've been in a relationship where I didn't have those things and it hurt me ...a lot, I deserve better. I know my worth and I'm not settling for anyone who can't treat me the way I want . My walls are high for a reason, if you choose to truly connect with me , know that my love and trust must be earned ,I don't give those things lightly !!!

Know that I'm a complex person with a sometimes challenging demeanor, but it's just because I've put myself back together again after falling apart. Never assume you know who I am or what I'm about until you truly make the effort to get to know me . I don't give anyone access to my soul , so trend carefully and be gentle , for my heart is fragile...I'm willing to give you the chance to understand me , all I ask is for your honesty, to be true and always be transparent. I don't wanna play games "it's not my style" and I don't waste time trying to guess intentions. So this is your chance to step up and venture past my walls to finally unravel the mysterious behind my eyes...or to walk away if your intentions are not honorable. This is who I am and what I want ...if you choose to take my hand and walk with me, do it with care !!!


Stay safe



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