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It's not easy to say im ok if the story is about my life what I've been dealing with...but I'm ok ,I've not been working for quiet a few years as I was dealing with alot of personal stuff (that's actually for another time).How am I now??? Last time I checked I wasn't a hundred percent ok but I was better than ok !!! Im not ok not in every way , I have a beautiful smile and a beautiful glow and nobody will know what I'm going through ...

It's important that everyone knows I'm more than the bad things that happen to me, Thinking out loud doesn't make your problems dissappear but speaking kinda helps. Our problems don't vanish or stay behind "it follows us if it's not dealt with " Like dynamite waiting to explode. We can't hide from it no matter how hard we try , You push through every nightmare work through every insecurity. It's difficult trying to push through when you're an emotional wreck, Its ok if you feeling lost it's alright just breath take a minute inhale exhale and carry on....

You move forward not looking back,You burn and erase all the bad thoughts, the feelings ,the paranoia, the nightmares. You just move and move not looking back, Its alright to feel lost sometimes...but it's not alright to stay lost ,we move beyond the hurt, pain, terror, flashbacks !!! Authenticity (casually telling my story) bit by bit !!! YOU CAN'T WAIT UNTIL LIFE ISN'T HARD ANYMORE BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BE HAPPY

I had a chance at survival and that's what makes me unique and amazing,not everyone is as lucky as I was or am. It's damn not easy facing it full on its like pushing all the hard buttons. I AM ME AND I AM EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG !!!


Stay safe



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