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She is a forgiver...her heart is so large, she doesn't know how to give up on people,because she believes in the good in those she loves. It was until she was walked on so many times that she had no choice but to let go of those who burnt holes in her heart...she's the kind of person that doling out love without even expecting it in return or expectations. She's not naive or neither is she blind...she just believes in the good of people and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Even when they turned their backs on her and tore her heart in pieces. Deep down she knew the risks...she refused to become jaded or change how she loved. She forgives easily when she knows she shouldn't, she doesn't turn her back on people she loves . Regardless of how often she's been hurt, she gives them chances upon chances believing they're good people ,until they ultimately proven they weren't !!!

It opened her eyes to see that when she is done with someone...she's done, no more forgiving ,no more be merciful, no more one more chance. The one's that burnt holes in her heart while she was trying to love them ...she let them go and never looked back. It hurt her heart and emotionally broke her, she knew that ...and she still poured every bit of love and compassion into those people, but they'd never appreciate or treat her the way she deserved . She just didn't care anymore ,she let them go and she walked away . She's strong enough to pick up the pieces, she knew finding inner peace would take lots of effort and courage. She follows her heart, and doesn't slow down ,if she gets hurt in the process, she picks up the pieces without thinking twice . She's the kind of person who's determined to find her own story ...until then she lives fully...laughs and keeps going ...cos she's strong beautiful and free !!!


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