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It's time to start believing what people do and not only what they say...their actions have to match their words...Embrace your reality no matter how hard it is. If "love" constantly hurts you, then it's not love. Don't convince yourself that someone loves you if they continously hurt you, the only thing they do is tear you down. Freedom only comes after you realize that you are bound and start fighting for you. The truth is that if a person makes you earn their love, they are themselves broken; unable to love even themselves. It's a losing battle where there are no winners ,there are people out there who will stop at nothing to hurt your heart, it's how they live,operate and survive. They are dangerous people to be in relationship because they will slowly, quietly kill your soul !!!

It's not easy to spot them, and lots of time you don't see them until it's too late ...although you can get better at identifying them as you heal you learn your worth. Some might even fool you for a moment but eventually you will catch on. Limit your expectations because the world is full of didn't choose the people in this life you got ,but you can choose the people you want in your life. The more you try to forget ,the more you will freshen up your memory by thinking. The space in our heart becomes empty and is replaced by painful cannot forget painful memories but by creating new beautiful memories, we can allow the old ones to fade. To help yourself move on...keep your mind occupied, bring a little change in your life is the greatest power to can't erase your memories but you can surely turn the page !!!


Stay safe



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