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Every strong woman was once a weak girl...who promised herself never again to be a weakling. She's the kind of woman that does not fake her lifestyle, yes she still has her good and bad days ,down days...but everyday she keeps going. She has learned to accept what was , let go of what was not meant to be and have faith in what will be...her life has not been painless...yet everyday without a shadow of doubt she keeps rising, fighting every battle, obstacles and hindrances that comes her way !!!

Most of all she doesn't fret or loose hope ,she just keeps flying high. Yes there's days when she feels like quitting, cos life's been throwing her so much of pain and times she feels like it's enough ,I can't survive this endless pain. She didn't have answers to all the turmoils life threw at her, but she knows who she is and where she's going...for every setback she has endured, she always made a comeback. Yes she will still fall and fail but it will never stop her from getting up stronger and more wiser !!!

She's been stabbed in the back by those she needed the most...she's been lied to by the one's she loved, she has felt so alone when she was at her most vulnerable state. At the end of each day she had learn to be her own best friend because there's going to be days where no-one is going to be there for her but herself. She has learned that unconditional love does not mean unconditional acceptance of bad behavior. She had to realize that if her path in this life demands walking through hell...she's going to walk like she owns it, because some people are living human versions of a migraine . With all that she's been through can never break her, you can try though , but she'll stretch pretty far and when she bounce back should probably move !!!


Stay safe



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