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All the broken roads and wishes that didn't come true nearly broke me sometimes...I may not have always ended up where I wanted to go...but I've always arrived exactly where I was meant to be. I never understood why so many doors closed and why I faced so many dead ends. My happily ever afters seemed to always turn into goodbyes and my heart broke countless times into heartache. It's hard to keep hoping when every single time , your hopes and dreams keep getting crushed along the way. I never got what I thought I deserved...not because I didn't deserve what I wanted, but because I was worth so much more. I started being okay with settling and stopped reaching for the stars !!!

Everyone will tell you the same cliches " it will okay" and "it will work out" but you start wondering who it really works out for. Tears welled down my eyes as I just wanted to be happy, I didn't have the answers- infact , I didn't even have the questions any more. I had stopped listening to my heart and started listening to my doubts...I lost my self worth and began to believe I wasn't good enough anymore. Yet for all the people in my life that surrounded me with love ,I was utterly alone . That's the thing about losing your way-you don't know were to start back. I just decided to start simple , one step, one moment and one day at a time !!!


Stay safe



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