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I'm closing the door to pessimism, the negativity and the judgement of others...I'm opening the door to the wonderful possibilities...since it's a new month ,I'm accepting changes from within myself, no more second best, from now on only the best for me. We all need more love in our hearts and our lives. Love...there is no such thing as too much love, starting with loving myself more, my happiness will always begin and end with me. It's silly the things we let hold us back , people we think we can't let go off, things we don't feel good enough to wear or be. Here's what I think ...burn all unwanted bridges, wear whatever makes you comfortable, do stuff that makes you feel alive and free !!!

I spent too long wondering if I should, if I could, or if it would be okay to be who I wanted to be...I'm done asking for permission to live my best life and do things that make me feel alive . I don't care anymore what the world thinks about me, what I'm wearing, what I'm doing, what I'm drinking or who I'm hanging out with. It's my life and I'm making the choices that feel right to me, no one has the right to criticize or judge me til they've walked in my shoes. Who cares if someone doesn't like my hair, the way I dress or my shoes...they don't have too. It's my opinion that matters !!!

I'm letting go of that negative people and toxic folks that just drags me down...I'm going to surround myself with the people that get me and truly love me. I'm going where the love is and burning the bridges back to the people and places I never should have been to begin with. Im turning the page in my story and embracing a new chapter know ,the one where I start remembering how to be happy. Living my life with my own rules in the way that makes me smile !!!


Stay safe


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