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It's another astonishing Attic Energizer... where we remind our listeners that we are all one rainbow family; different races, different colors, different nationality, but there's one thing we have in common and that's the love for music.

The love for interaction and getting to know each other and with everything happening around us people are lost, people are lonely. All they do is sit around doing the same thing as every other day. Some watch the television and get depressed with all the bad vibes, some listen to music to feel relaxed and pass their time, whilst others have nobody to talk too, nobody to exchange a smile or a thought.

We are building Attic Radio to be a playground meaning we interact with each other share a bad or good experience, simply share a recipe, we need good energy flowing through us... so all the bad vibes, the feeling of loneliness hopefully vanishes.

We are all worlds apart yet we have this one special place to come together in laughter in sadness in good and bad times. We can be there for each other uplifting each other. It's not like I'm gonna rock up at your front door (that would be cool though) but let this platform bring us much more than music, let it bring us together in friendship in unity and let's make this our playground where the carousel never stops turning...

#positivevibesonly Stay safe.

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