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Be that Brilliant person ...rebuild hope and confidence in others,leave your mark on another person's trail.This is what makes us exceptional, We don't get to choose who we are in this world nobody does, you help build support system and resources for the one's less fortunate than we are, you do it on a little or big scale even reach out to others across the country reassuring them that no matter what there are facing (you survive and you do what you have to do to survive ,dont be resentful don't run away from grieve and pain)

It you are running "Run to something not away ..."

Its not fair but if you have the opportunity to finally make it all make sense, to become what you meant to be wouldn't you try really really hard to get there.Puts a lot into perspective ...take it all in we run coz we choose the easy way out we look for a safe place ,you can walk and not look back anytime forgetting who and what we leave behind.We need to step in and share the wisdom of reality, we feel we screw up and we mess things up and we run coz we don't wanna mess it up,

I get that now we hurt a lot of people with our choices and our rash behavior, feeling we don't deserve happiness or being in a good space .We have tons of regrets it haunts at us,when we start to see clearly and we really sorry for how we messed up.We know that an apology would not make make up for all the wrongs and we have to live with that ,we don't get over it...we try to move pass it !!!!!


Stay safe


Crossroads like this we don't ride them off,but I know that whatever road you choose you still you and you will always find an excuse to run but anyone with any sense does that its very different from actually following through with it,we get scared to do the wrong thing we get scared to do the right thing, we are not runners if we were we would be long gone by now...its easy to walk away but even harder to stay,we have it in us to do the right thing to make things right you just don't fix things you make it better,we in a constant circle of stress from everything its definitely impacting our mental health,its like a deep seeded regret,out timing is always so terrible we think its our thing "bad timing" we deserve better everyone of us, so fingers crossed for new

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