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Lying in the dark...wishing I could turn of my mind, my thoughts never stop, my emotions threatens to overwhelm me. I overthink everything...there's no way to change how I'm wired, no matter how amazing or how terrible something may be, I always analyze and contemplate everything about it until I have no peace about anything (that's just me) I don't want to be the way I am, allowing my mind to constantly worry me, it's just who I am. I want the best for everyone in my life ...that's the reason I worry about everything because I love my people and my tribe fiercely. I don't have the answers for- fact ,rarely so - but I'm always contemplating so very much !!!

From what I have to do the next day (the meals for the day ,the chores) the birthday I have to plan ,or even the smallest things like wondering if I should replace the hand-towels...toilet paper or toothpaste. I just lie staring in the dark and thinking, the house is quiet but my thoughts never are. I struggle to sleep though my body is weary and tired, my mind keeps me vigilant...even when I know I must sleep. I look forward to the moments when I finally get drowsy for a time...and sleeps claims me, calming my thoughts and refreshing my body. As I drift off into slumber ,my soul smiles because i know...I am blessed ,loved and things always seem to work out. No matter how much I stress about them, not that I will think less about anything . That is who I am and how I and love, I wouldn't change for anything or anyone. Though I might enjoy abit of sleep at times...I am and always will be legit, me and my wonderfully tireless overthinking mind !!!


Stay safe



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