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I am a woman's woman and a faithful friend...I won't run with your MAN, I won't hate you because you're BEAUTIFUL, I'll keep your secrets and take it to my grave, I'll listen to your rants. I'll celebrate your success as my own...I choose my friends very carefully cos there's not many people you can trust . My true friends will know ...four things I don't like when talking to me... (1) don't talk to me like I'm your child. (2) don't talk to me like I'm suppose to be scared of you. (3) never try to talk to me like I'm stupid. (4) always tell me the truth even if it's not what I wanna hear !!!

My personality confuses people...I enjoy being alone, a lot...but I'm a very outgoing and social person. My environment dictates how I behave...sometimes I'm loud and sometimes I'm quiet. I read the energy around me and adjust my moods, there are times when I want to turn up the music, sing and dance and then there are moments where I want to watch a romantic movie or just process my thoughts alone !!!

Things I'm not apologizing feelings, having firm boundaries ,saying no to something I'm not interested in doing, being emotional and crying, not answering the phone when I can't or don't feel like it, needing to take a break, asking for clarity when I don't understand, how other people behave, changing and becoming better, not agreeing with someone, putting myself first-i can't be anything to anyone if I am nothing to myself, not settling for less than I deserve, letting go when I need to and healing at my own pace !!!


Stay safe



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