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No more apologizing for who you are...for how you saw life, for how you breath,no more hiding either, no more's time to just be you and the world will catch up with your fire eventually. The world has tried to keep you down and make you into something you not. They don't know the real you-the strong person and the beautiful soul. They only know what they want you to be, not the amazing person that you are. You deserve so much more infact you deserve the best, what you don't deserve is secondary treatment from people that don't even get you. You should be priority for the people in your walk away from the one's that act like you're just another option in their day. Go be with people embrace all of you and encourage you yo be your true self. You don't owe anyone an explanation for how you see life, what you want or who you're becoming !!!

If you outgrow some people, well they're ain't your people ...just keep walking in the direction that makes you happy, no one knows your whole story ,so don't listen to their commentary on your life...leave the judgemental people behind and find the souls that will love you regardless of who you decide you want to be. At the end of the'll leave some people behind ,you'll grow in new directions and your soul will finally start to find the fulfillment you've been longing. No more excuses, apologies or allowing disrespect from the people that don't deserve you !!!

Find the ones that do deserve you...hold them close and be the best human you can possibly be. Not everyone will be able to handle your fire...and that's okay, you don't need everyone. You just need to be happy, love the people who appreciate the joy in the beautiful moments that surround you. They've always been there...those little things that fill your heart with happiness-you just weren't paying attention. It's time to open your heart- free your mind and embrace the possibilities of being fully alive. No matter where you go and what you choose to do...never stop finding the beauty all around you...each and every day fall inlove with being truly alive, then watch how amazing your life will become !!!


Stay safe



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