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Being a good mother while my world fell apart ...was the hardest role I've ever played. I was physically, mentally and emotionally tired, I kept saying myself (I'm strong enough to start again). I bet you're wondering, what the heck am I talking about?. Taking care of three kids in my twenties all by help from my other half. To him marriage was a joke (no sense of responsibilities, never contributed, wasn't the best dad or role model) ,he was a part-time dad ,who just wanted the title and not the commitment. It was very difficult and tiring being a single mom, working late and awkward hours...not having time with the kids "they were now deprived of both my attention as well as their dad's !!!

My kids had to fend for themselves at a very tender broke my heart but I needed to work to put a roof over their heads, food on the table, shoes on their feet ,clothes on their bodies, it was all on me. My responsibility to send them to school , whilst their father just had a fulfilled, not a care in the world life...selfish bastard . My kids were so responsible that they looked out for each other...i made sure before I left for work the food was prepared ,lunch was made , school clothes was ironed and travel money was in place !!!

I gave them very little but that little was my best...yes they grew up with not many fancy clothes or shoes, what they got is what they took...never demanding, never complaining ...luckily for my girls I was a designer ,most of their clothes were sown by me...unfortunately not for my son. Life was tough , one parent ,one income ,no help from their dad or anyone. But I survived like I always order for my kids to have that little of everything ,I had to work many many late long hours and my weekends were at work...exhausted and drained out I kept pushing to make sure my kids had what they needed and it was very sad for me ,not to give them what they wanted !!!

With all the perseverance, difficulties and not being their twenty-four seven for my kids... I look at them today with the proudest feeling ever...all grown up ,all well educated, all married with their own homes. Brings so much joy to my heart...proud mama moment, looking back I know I tried to do my best for them ,although not being there most of the day. They have out-done themselves...buying what they didn't have yet not forgetting the tough lives they have endured . Every cent for them till today is priceless ,every cent is counted for. They strive to give their kids what they have been deprived off...lesson to learn appreciate life and what it throws at you...never take anyone or anybody for granted...bad times do subside, there's a light after every storm !!!


Stay safe



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