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I'm in a war in my head a lot of the time...or fighting the urge to be depressed, or just trying to hang on to the happiness I have. There's always a struggle to be one way or the other, sometimes I linger in the dark listening to the demons explaining why my heart should stay cold. I listen in hopes that it will justify everything, but it never I pray and wait for answers for reasoning-it always comes back to acceptance . I must except myself...don't lose hope, remain strong even on the days I feel like a complete mess that has no's part of being human accepting the pieces of yourself that aren't the prettiest. Stop apologizing for your wrinkles ,your opinions, your voice or your past ...just relax and celebrate by living for yourself !!!

Life is so short ...we spend so much time sweating the small stuff, worrying ,complaining, gossiping , comparing ,wishing, wanting and waiting for something bigger and better instead of focusing on all the simple blessings that surround us is so fragile and all it takes is a single moment you change everything you take for granted . Focus on what's important and he grateful! You are blessed ...believe it and live your life and leave no regrets...remind yourself: you are stronger than you had to be, you're smarter because of your mistakes, happier because of the sadness you've known and now wiser because you've learned !!!


Stay safe



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