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At times my life seems insane, falling I'm holding it together by duck-tape and happy thoughts and I'm near out of both. Which makes it the perfect time to start something new...I don't know if it's gonna restock my duck-tape,all this thinking makes me think maybe it will happen in another lifetime, then it crosses my mind that another lifetime starts now...with me in the driver's seat, peddle to a meddle not answering to anybody, it's your life ,your destiny. I don't quit no matter what comes my way...I'm a fine lady and a superb person...I learned that you don't carry anyone's sin but your own. I learned to focus on the fact that I have a gift...and I'm thankful for that gift (that I could be an inspiration to someone somewhere). I help develop my gift by sharing my thoughts and story , life has been hard and unfair and lousy to me, at times I wished I could change everything that happen to me but I do know that I will find my way forward cause I believe in myself !!!

I'm a straight talking woman with strong opinions...I push pass my pain "don't get me wrong it's not that I'm not dealing with it". Life has taught me that it's a process of an experienced with unexpected gifts, it may surprise you with strengths you didn't even know you had, such as embracing the inability to control everything, sometimes anything. Always stay hopeful through any challengers, the speed of life will surprise you and so will your ability to remember the sweetest moments . I'm living proof that sorrow can turn to joy...with all the peaks and valley's I've endured. I am surrounded and supported by a powerful circle of is full of pain, you cannot avoid it. My powers are many and mighty ...but they are not limitless !!!


Stay safe



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