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In order to eat you have to be order to learn you have to be ignorant...ignorance is a condition of learning...pain is a condition of health...passion is a condition of thoughts...death is a condition of be honest i never understood all of the above until now. I think it's about balance, like when life gives you something sour having the patience to wait for the sweet, because it is coming "I think, I hope". Right now things are still feeling pretty raw !!!

Sometimes that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need... Sometimes close can be too close !!!!

We pick and chose who we want to remain close too...and once we chose those people we tend to stay close by ,no matter how much they hurt us

the people who are with you at the end of the day well those are the ones worth keeping ,human beings need alot of things to feel alive ,family, love,but we only need one thing to be alive and that is a heart "a beating heart" !!!

When a heart is threatened it response in one of two ways,we either run or we attack ...there's a scientific term for this "fight or flight" ...we can't control it...what makes anger different....we get into a sin like envy or pride and we only hurt ourselves and probably others,but anger it's the Worst ,it's the mother of all sins ...anger drives you over the edge and when it does you can take a whole lot of other people with you,...we are all damaged some of us more than others ...we carry the damage with us some done from childhood others from personal life grown ups we give as good as we get ,we all do damage and then we set about the business of fixing whatever we can...make no apologies of how you choose to repair what others broke in you !!!


Stay safe



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