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Crossroads ....We don't ride them off, I know that whatever road you choose you still you and you will always find an excuse to run (its natural to think this way with everything we facing) ,we get scared to do the wrong things ,we get scared to do the right thing, but we definitely don't run!!!! we are not runners if we were we would be long gone by now...

It's easy to walk away but even harder to stay,we have it in us to do the right thing to make things right. You just don't fix things you make it better,we in a constant circle of stress from everything its definitely impacting our mental health!!!

It's like a deep seeded regret,out timing is always so terrible we think its our thing "bad timing" we deserve better everyone of us, so fingers crossed for new beginnings

No one said it was easy becoming the person you were meant to be,it takes bravery to step into the power you found ,earned and deserved and its ok to be sad its to be terrified but like I always say ( IT'S NOT OK TO STAY THERE, ITS TIME TO PUSH THROUGH)

The trick is to take the people who were there for you with you ,to remind you that you not alone (you leave the entire legacy behind you as you create your own) this is your time to rise and to shine ...None of this is easy infact all of this is confusing and hard ,we question every choice we've made should I have been doing more...."PAUSE STOP RETHINK RESTART ITS NEVER TOO LATE"


Stay safe


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