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Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops could never "profound"...I thought I was broken and needed fixing, not true! I was hurt and needed healing..."a completely different concept". I can talk to you about broken families; addictions; depression; lost; survival; grief; heartache; death; abuse; neglect; abandonment; anger; suicide and betrayal...I can also talk to you about empathy; kindness; compassion; love; energy; forgiveness; self-love; self-care; strength; peace; healing; recovery; humanity; unity; gratitude; grace; hope and the power positivity. All of these experiences have taken part in creating the "WOMAN I AM TODAY". I am a combination of both the light and the darkness...I may be flawed but even with rough edges I'm still worth loving...I'm not ashamed of my story I AM A SURVIVOR !!!

I learned to hate no one matter how much they've wronged humbly no matter how wealthy you become. Think positively no matter how hard life is...give much even if you've been given little. Forgive all especially yourself...never stop praying and hoping for the best in everyone. People wonder why I'm so quick to walk away from ignorant self-centered people and friendships " it's because as I get older my tolerance for ignorance; stupidity; liars; manipulators; and just hypocrites in general becomes lower and lower ". One thing I don't do is try to keep up...I do my own things , stay in my own lane and ride my own waves !!!


Stay safe


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