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It's time to stop complaining...and appreciate what each of us have, always remember that there's a ton of unemployed people dreaming of having a job "any kind of job" homeless person dreams to have a shelter over his head, a warm bed and a relaxing bath. Your smile is the dream of a depressed, heartbroken person, your health is the dream of those people who are terminally sick...remember beautiful things happens to those who refrain from negativity. Sometimes we are tested the most not to show our weaknesses but to discover our strengths . In all journey of life ...we all pass pleasure, pain, sunshine , rain, loss and gain...but we must always smile again and again . Nothing makes a day more beautiful and promising than having the right heart ,right attitude, right spirit and the right mind !!!

Make sure that whatever happens in your life...try to relax and manage a smile ...because life is not a problem to solve, it is a gift to experience. What life throws at you is never a choice...but what you make out of it is your stop stressing, as stress makes you believe that everything as to happen right now...remember faith and hope reminds you that everything will happen at the right time and perfect time. A claypot was once do you remain cool in every situation?. The claypot replied...I just remind myself that I am made of mud and will return back to why stress just relax and enjoy the ride !!!


Stay safe


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