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Here's too all the strong woman out there...the ones who stand up for themselves and face the world with a heart of a soldier "I salute you". Here's to all the passionate woman out there who won't let the world stop them from achieving their dreams and doing the things they love . Here's to all the independent woman out there ...who have been there for themselves and show that they can survive on their own strength . Here's to all the unbreakable woman out there ...who have been knocked down countless times ,but find a way to rise and stand up again. Remember ladies you all the beautiful, unique, worthy and no one has the power to dim your lights !!!

Despite what the world throws at us ...we need to find the beauty in each and every moment . Live in the present and leave yesterday behind...because the older and wiser you get ,the more you realize how precious life is... You should have no desire for drama ...conflict or stress. You just need good ,reliable , honest friends...a cosy home ,food on your table , and a smile on your face. There's definitely going to be some days you fight harder than others...some days you just want to give up , but no matter how difficult it gets ...don't ever let any day defeat you. Always believe in your strength and believe in yourself...and you will conquer the day !!!


Stay safe



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