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Why haven't i been much on the social pages? Why I haven't written in a long time?. Yoh that would be a long story...actually an never ending story. After taking the vaccines and having covid, my body is not the same. It's like aliens have invaded and taken over my entire body...the aches and pains (omg let's not go there). The excruciating joint pains , being breathless all the time, restless ,lack of sleep ,headaches and so so many other body issues (its unbelievable). How can one person handle continuously all sorts of aches and pain?(impossible). I wake up like a zombie drag myself to take a shower and get things done for the day...again that leaves me exhausted and out of breath !!!

I heard many people complaining of these very same problems...some never recovered, others bed bound (this is extremely sad). What kind of sickness is this? .That steals your strength ,your joy and your many questions still no answers. Doctors and specialists says it's not the vaccine...what bullocks??. I know my body and what's its capable off...and this is not any sickness that I've ever experienced. The last five months I've been really battling... isolated and drained out, it's like my world and life has just stopped. I did not want to leave the house or be around people or my families, didn't even wanna listen to music or any kind of noise...all I want was solitude and quietness !!!

I then realized that I was not going to heal being confided indoors...I needed to pluck up the courage and break this barrier that was contemplating and taking over my life and my sanity. This was a very hard and challenging few months for me...I had no life, I went nowhere, I spoke very few words to the ones closest to me. It hit me hard oneday ...Do I want to live this life for the rest of my days? Do I allow this thing to control my life? Hell noo...with the sore joints , body pains, restlessness, I decided to rise above this thing. Take back my life !!!

It's not been an easy road to recovery...however it's been successful thus far. Still out of breath with severe pains, I persevere triumphantly and victoriously...that's the kind of lady I am...I never give up...I ride the storms gracefully and rise up like the "Phoenix"...yes I am weak and negativity and doubts do get the better of me, but I'm also persistent and confident...that I will rise up. I've been thrown into the fire one two many times...I never allowed the fire to burn my entire being...yes it touched my flesh but not my soul...that is what motivates me to always push forward . No matter what comes my way hell or high waters ,I always come out standing stronger, more firmer and more humble...word of advice "when things seems to be falling apart ,don't give up ,don't give in,ride it out and you will rise up victoriously !!!


Stay safe



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