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So ironic I heard someone say today " I can't wait to live, I've just been surviving" I felt wholeheartedly...cause that's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Your past is just a story...once you realize this, it has no power over you. Do you feel the damage that's been done? The irreversible lies and the plantation of fear? Do not let it break the wild of you. Promise me that you will not let this life break your spirit...yes it will break your heart, your mind, your body ,there is nothing anyone will do to stop it. It will ache in a way you never believed possible. But whatever you do not let it break the wild of you. Some days I feel everything at once..other days I feel nothing at all. I don't know what's worst ,drowning beneath the waves or dying from the thirst !!!

Avoid people who mess with your head...people who say things to upset you,people who want you to make them your priority but won't do the same for you. You don't need these kind of people. Your suffering needs to be respected, don't try to ignore the hurt...because it's real. Just let the hurt soften you instead of hardening you. Let the hurt open you instead of closing you. Let the hurt send you looking for those who will accept you , Instead of hiding from those who reject you. The day I changed my mentality, my behavior, my distance ...was the day I quit trying to fit into a world or people's shadows... that never really fitted me. It's okay to be vulnerable, sensitive and maybe a little fucked up ...everyone with magic in their hearts are !!!


Stay safe



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