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Writing with a broken heart...tears flooding my cheeks and face, deeply devastated to see whats happening around me. (Why Why Why?) Is all I ask mother nature so upset with this human race that she brings about endless heartache and devastation...watching them fish out the three little siblings bodies that was swept away by the harsh raging flood, torments me. How could any form of force cause harm to innocent children...blameless and harmless, is an understatement. I question my believe...yet read the word of God...that says (his ways are not our ways,his thoughts are not our thoughts,his plans is too prosper us and not bring harm to us). So my human thinking is what the hell is happening right now...people losing their homes, their loved ones, no electricity for so many days, no water does one cope, how does anyone have faith or hope. Is this what the forces up there want us to succumb too, oh God then I really have to rethink on my all who lost their homes, their loved ones ,their belongings, my heart truly aches and is shattered !!!

Most South Africans are experiencing the most painful and the most horrifying disaster due to this raging rainy weather conditions. Is the almighty punishing us ...then I think let's not worry all these things have their way of working out. I realized that I should never underestimate the power of prayer ,of faith and of love and the power of God to see us through. Try to relax, breath and be patient...nothing last forever. Remember that crying and trying have only one letter difference in spelling but a lot in its meaning. CRYING collapses your confidence and TRYING builds your always keep trying . Be strong and courageous...don't forget that as long as you feel pain are still long as you make mistakes you're still learning !!!


Stay safe



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