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The deepest wounds are always covered up by a smile...everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made, if you want a different result you gotta make a different choice. I never pretend to be anything I am not...I won't change to suit anyone. I stand up for what I believe in and always speak my mind...I'm not perfect but I'm damn well authentic and in a hundred percent real (100% real) never anything less. Sometimes I scream to the shadows that I'm not okay...sometimes I crouch down in fear and hide it all away. A daily battle I hide so no one can see, i continue to fight these battles inside of me...holding my breath tight with tears in my eyes...maybe tomorrow I'll be okay, cause today is not that day !!!

I know that it's tough, and I know that it seems hopeless , no matter what happens you cannot give up...I know what it is like to cry yourself to sleep, to feel as though the world will be better off without you. I constantly fight these urges everyday , there's this inner voice saying to me "but the world is a better with you in it". You are so uniquely you...and there is no one else who could take your place. I say to myself (hang on and fight through the tears). Sit with your pain a little while longer...the pain will eventually wear off ,then you get right back in the game. This world needs you no matter how hard that is to believe...I tell myself continously "hold on tight and keep being you" !!!


Stay safe



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