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Sure...I've dissapointed alot of people, I've made shit loads of mistakes and yes I have sometimes caused hurt that wasn't fair. Reason I'm telling you guys this (because no one is perfect) we all slip up sooner or later. So if you feel like you drowning in your failures "lesson is be learned" pick yourself up...dust off the debri and cling to that ray of hope ,that everything is going to be okay "oneday". I can tell yourll all about those parts of myself...I'm the kinda person that will love deeply, help strangers through dark times, create laughter and safe places for those needing refuge. It's just the kind of person I am...don't have much but got alot to share. I give more than I get in return and I have to tell you, both sides of myself is what makes me whole...if you only see one side of the coin, you will never win the toss !!!

This is my life...I get to be moved and confused by it, you will experience things that will inspire you , and things that you will never quiet come to terms with. You will love people that you will sometimes lose...but you will also find those who will stay. You will laugh until you cry , you are going to ache in ways you never thought possible, you are going to be exhausted by the chaos of it all. You are going to get hurt...and you will hurt, sometimes you will never have to give yourself your own closure. You will have to let will have to find comfort in being alone, in being lost. Yes this is your life and though it can be unpredictable and messy ...even though it can break you down, you are going to survive it !!!


Stay safe



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