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Some people survive, others make do, ME? I'm a fighter and always will be...people will say what they want about me, but they'll never say I'm a quitter...I keep going and that my dear friends has made the difference. "I DID IT ALONE, I DID IT TIRED, I DID IT SCARED, BUT I DID IT: and I'm still doing it. I found a way, I made a way and I always figured things out...yes it hurt me physically, mentally and emotionally ,but I always got through it. When the waves of life comes at you , you have to make a choice to sink or I always fought through everything and dug my way out of the darkness more than once !!!

Yes i was scared, tired and alone most of the time...but I kept going. I didn't know where I was going, or how I'd get there, all I knew is I wasn't happy where I was. So I pushed ahead...there were lots of dark days and lots of happy days...I made the best of both. I'll never tell you that I have all the answers to life's tragedies because I don't...and maybe I'll never find them and it's okay. I'm not going to tell you that my life has been's been hard as hell. There have been so many times that I survived one thing just to get hit by five more. I never really thought about how hard it was or if I'd make it...It wasn't even a choice for me !!!


Stay safe



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