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I started calling that girl back...the one who loved living, the one who danced instead of walking, the girl who has a sparkle in her eyes and fireworks in her soul. I started playing music again hoping she would come's been a long time since I've been truly happy with myself. I've not been true to myself for a while and it's been tearing me's a hard thing when you lose yourself along the way and don't really know how to find your way back to your true nature. I stopped trying to think about what I should do and started feeling my way back instead. I think I lost myself in all the busyness of life and had forgotten how to lose myself in the moments and emotions of who I was...the girl that I was-the one full of love ,peace and happiness had been there all along...I guess I just put her aside as I chased life and got caught up in all the stuff I shouldn't have !!!

She waited for me patiently until I remembered who I was...the things that made me happy and at peace. Truthfully I just needed to slow down...and breath more. I couldn't let the beautiful magic of the moments back into my heart until I was ready...that girl inside of me needed to know that it was time to come out again. That it was safe to blossom and emerge freely once's ironic how we sometimes get swept away in the chasing of our dreams and need to be reminded that being true to ourselves is important too. Making time to fill our souls with peace and love is just as crucial as pursuing our dreams. I'm calling that girl that has been waiting for me to call her back...I've let her be neglected for too long and I need her back. She needs to feel the wind in her hair...and the sunlight on her face. Now I realized what I always knew's time to come back...time to stop drifting,time to stop walking...I was born to dance through the days and fly high through my's a great time to be alive !!!


Stay safe



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