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Yesterday for me was just one off those days that everyone wake up to everything going wrong, like there's no hope for the sun to rise, or the clouds to disappear. I read a poem this morning "hope is a thing of feathers" it's about finding hope even in the darkest of times. I always had hope until I lost it...all the amazing people in my life helped me find it again, i don't know how to repay all these beautiful souls in my life, I realize that I don't have to repay you , I have to take the gifts you've given me and put it to good use , and I will (the gifts of wisdom,of strength,of love,of kindness,time and moral support , special calls and text messages) those are the gifts that are worth more than silver or gold "it's priceless". I'm so grateful to have those special beings at my beck and call...those precious humans "I call my true friends" !!!

Remember your struggles whatever they might be "won't last forever"...they never do. The day will come when happiness becomes your best friend...and the days of hardships and bad nightmares will be in the past. Your strength is stronger than your sorrows (you just got to believe it). Trust me when I day it's going to hit you that you woke up happy, that you smiling for no reason and that your hands aren't shaking anymore. One day you're going to remember what it was like to be you a year ago, a month ago, a week ago...and you're going to be so glad you fought those demons and nightmares. You're going to be so glad that you kept going, you kept fighting above all you kept the faith and you clinged to hope !!!


Stay safe


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